WINDCRADIO starts broadcasting.
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Indie music produced independently from major commercial record labels or their subsidiaries, a process that may include an autonomous, Do-It-Yourself approach to recording and publishing. The term indie is sometimes also used to describe a genre (such as indie rock or indie pop); as a genre term, "indie" may include music that is not independently produced, and most independent music artists do not fall into a single, defined musical style or genre and usually create music that can be categorized into other genres.

The Magnetic Debuts

Stanley Turner A.K.A Dee Jay Magnetic A.K.A "Stan Da Man" debuts The Magnetic radio show.
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The Magnetic Show

Raised in the DMV DJ Magnetic was subjected to a diverse Array of culture and Music growing up. Energetic and Open Minded During his Adolescent Years DJ Magnetic Gravitated to an Addictive Obsession with Music. Collecting Music from Artist from A=Z and collecting Classic and Timeless Music Tracks. Then after he build his Library that was rated from those had a chance to see it a Masterpiece. Great Music Generations Past and Present. DJ Magnetic After Achieving his Bachelor degree in Communication Accredited from Bowie State University. He Then Embarked on his next Chapter of His Journey Becoming one of the greatest DJ Alive.

Between the States Debuts

Between States Radio a HipHop and R&B show that focuses on breaking raw talent debuts.
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Between the States Debuts

Between the States provides indie artist with a platform. Your #1 show for Indie Hiphop and R&B, catering to the indie market as well as supporting mainstream.

The Compound Effect Debuts

The Compound Effect is a dynamic internet radio show for today’s pop culture lovers. The show features the Compound Boiz family: Action, Alias, Ms. Cristal Clear, and Mac Marz.
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The Compound Effect

These unique individuals have backgrounds in music creations and production, and are dedicated to bringing the most creative, productive, and informative urban show on the airwaves. The Compound Effect blends commentary on music, pop culture, sports, and general news, along with a touch of independent, underground, mainstream, classic Hip Hop, and R&B music to deliver a diverse balance of entertainment to the masses. The Compound Effect is a platform for all walks of life. Tune in, listen, laugh, and learn about the ever-changing culture of today’s world.

Down to Business Debuts

Founded with family members at the beginning of the millenium, connecting the neighborhoods in the DMV.
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Down to Business

Called Hood Affiliated Records (H.A.), the founder and CEO Bigg Hood was born in NW Washington, DC and currently resides in PG County. Hood’s style was developed from hanging out late at night and vibing with the Backyard GoGo Band and listening to Scarface. Bigg Hood is Bigg on Respect, Loyalty and Family and that is how he leads this Record Label.

The Morning Hustle Debuts

DJ Seaniemo plays all kinds of music including many independent artist, also doing “House” mixes.
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The Morning Hustle

that were being downloaded and played all over the world, out of this he collaborated with DJ Wondy (Italy) on a mix series called “Global House Summit”. It was listed as one of the top 10 most downloaded mixes and DJ Seaniemo was ranked #15 in the top 20 internet house
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